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Beach volleyball duo – Martina and Marie

We will certainly hear a lot about the talented beach volleyball duo Martina Maixnerová and Marie Sára Štochlová in the future. These players, who have already won several matches, met thanks to coach Rosťa Vorálek years ago. They instantly became besties during their train trips to training and the partnership for the next season was born. Before the game, you usually see them with headphones, coffee and (in the case of Martina) in men’s sports shorts.

Where did your passion for beach volleyball come from and how did you get to know each other?

M: I met Marie at one of the training with our coach, where she was already training with another player. We sat down, talked for a while and agreed on next season 🙂

Passion comes simply from the heart. 🙂 Ten years ago I tried it for the first time and I’ve never stopped 🙂

S: I’ve been doing a lot of sports since I was a kid because I was a so-called hyperactive child, but as soon as I came to a classic volleyball, I knew I don’t have to try another sport. The passion for beach volleyball started when Rosťa Vorálek asked me if I wanted to try it. After two seasons I was pretty sure that this is that sport I want to stick for. I also know Martina through Rosťa.

In the second year of training with him, Martina joined us. When we were going by train together we became besties. 😀

Do your habits differ from season to season?
M: Absolutely yes, I do a different type of exercising in the gym and on the sand, I also have a little bit different eating pattern.

S: Habits are definitely different, I would say there are 3 basic seasons (seasonal, after seasonal and preparation), and habits differ in each of them. After the season nothing is so strict and it is time for some guilty pleasures that in the preparation or in the season we can not even think of. 😀

Do you have any rituals that you do before each match?
M: I do not do special rituals very often, but if I do I use headphones for being a few moments in my own world,. After it, I feel good and self-confident in my body. I am also known for wearing men’s sports shorts throughout the tournament and as long as possible before the match. I have been wearing Drill Athletics shorts for about a year now and I’m not afraid to say they’re the best ones I’ve ever had!

S: I don’t call it rituals directly, but you can see me before a game with headphones and coffee. But I am careful not to be affected by the fact that sometimes I forget the headphones or the coffee, so I do not call it rituals. 😀

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