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Hottie and influencer in one – Jana from @LOVEFASHIONJANA

One of our Drill Girls is also an influencer Jana, who shares her story with diets, yo-yo effects and changing the overall approach to food, exercising and especially herself. Her favorite sports, that currently include Crossfit and fitness, but also running, which is a form of relaxation for her, also with food preparation and coaches help her with finding a balance in her life. Jana simply follows #nodrillnoskill and that’s also why we chose her for our team.

What does a healthy lifestyle mean to you and when do you feel most confident?

For me it is a daily ritual, I have been practicing for many years. For a long time, I did not care about food at all. I ate bad enough – at the beginning, I started to exercise only to lose some weight.

Soon I realized that without caring about it too, I will not get anywhere. I thought naively that if I skip one meal I would lose weight. You know what followed, I lost weight, but because of the yo-yo effect, I was where I started.

In fact, I have been trying to think more about food for the last two years and not watch every kilogram so much.

I had to, and actually wanted to, like myself.

Today, after the summer when I have two pounds up, I can look in the mirror and say: ,,So what? Now I’m going back to the workout routine and I’m gonna be fine. I will feel better and that is the main thing.

In the last few months, meal preps have helped me not to forget to eat. I’m really happy about that. If I’m not so busy with work, I make it by myself. 🙂

I feel most self-confident when I am at our cottage, my hair is washed and my sweatpants and glasses are on. Paradox, huh?

What is your favorite sport and what does your sport routine look like?

Sneaky question. 🙂 Currently, it’s definitely fitness and Crossfit.

I work out every weekday with coaches. Some would say that after so many years it is no longer needed. Nope! They kick me in the ass and I work harder. I feel like I am not going to do my best alone and the breaks are longer than normal. Same with the reps and weights.

I started running again, I loved it before but somehow I stopped enjoying it. After 7 months I can say that I really look forward to it. 🙂

I put on my Drill Girl clothes (I have not worn anything else for almost a month), put on my headphones, enjoy music and have it as a form of relaxation.

What sports advice would you give your fans following you on Instagram?

Especially do the sport you will like, do not force yourself. It doesn’t matter if it’s fitness, yoga, pilates, etc.

Mainly enjoy it. Even if it would be a workout by a favorite YouTuber.

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