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Sublimation – the printing method, thanks to which we own our design

Today we will show you the Drill Athletics’ backstage and tell you how these sports pieces born in the Czech Republic are made. We can print whatever we want on our functional sports clothes thanks to the sublimation technology.

And what is actually a sublimation? It is a process where a solid is transformed into a gaseous – and this is exactly the magic we use in our production. This is done by printing individual cut parts on a roll of paper, putting the fabric on, rolling through the rollers heated on 200 °C, and that is it. The ink perfectly colors all fibers so we can capture any detail in the first-class quality.

Another plus is that we can print 100% of the area, and especially also color fastness, so you can sweat your clothes as much as you want, and design will not change. The most important thing in the end – because we only work with the best materials, our clothes are not smelly. And that you do it your way? No problem! We will print whatever you want. 😉