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Lucka, the obstacle trainer

In today’s article, we will introduce you to a real Drill girl, which literally lives by #nodrillnoskill. Her name is Lucka Badalíková (, the obstacle trainer with five years of experience. Trust us, you are guaranteed to achieve the best performances with Lucka! In the interview below you can find out how she started with OCR (Obstacle Course Racing), what motivates her, what does she enjoy the most, and so on.

Why do I do OCR?

OCR or obstacle course racing has been a part of my life for a few years. I love it because of the variety and combination of obstacles and running in interesting places. For example, the European Championships in Denmark took place on a beautiful sandy beach. 🙂 I participate in races mainly to gain strength, self-confidence and after every race those feelings are priceless!

How did I start?

In the very beginning, thanks to Spartan Race, I found the motivation to start doing something with myself and get up from the couch. I think I discovered it on Facebook and then and promised myself that I will just make it. I even created a dream-board of the races I want to finish and hung it over the bed to see my goals every day.

What do I enjoy the most about it?

I like obstacles and longer distances the most. I take it as a challenge (I like the format of races where you have to finish an obstacle or you end). So you just have to give it a try and the feeling at the finish line? It is simply priceless, really the motto “You will know at the finish line” has its meaning.